Bogor Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia)

Bogor Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia) – If usually conservation places sound boring to the general public, this is not the case with Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI). This destination, which is also known as Taman Safari Bogor, is actually a popular tourist attraction in the Puncak area.

Since it was built in 1980, TSI has indeed not only preserved endangered species. But it also packs itself into a destination for family tourism, education, nature, and interesting adventures.

The collection of animals is allowed to roam in an environment that is made similar to their original habitat. Instead of being creepy, this is what makes TSI different from zoos in general.

Visitors can see and interact with animals up close. Meanwhile, the animals can move more freely without being imprisoned in a narrow cage.

By the end of 2017, TSI’s animal collection had reached more than 2,500. Not only collected from Indonesia but also various parts of the world.

TSI also provides more than 20 rides and 9 performances that visitors can enjoy it. So, don’t worry about going out of style when visiting there.

Interested in going there? Check out the complete information about Taman Safari Indonesia below.


Address: Jl. Raya Puncak No. 601
Cibeureum, Cisarua, Bogor Regency
West Java 16750

Official site: http://bogor.tamansafari.com/

Operational days & hours: Monday – Friday: 08.30 – 17.00 WIB
Saturday, Sunday & holidays: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB
Night Safari: 18.30 – 21.00 WIB

Entrance ticket prices: Monday – Friday (Domestic – Children): IDR 170,000 / person
Monday – Friday (Domestic – Adult): IDR 195,000 / person
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & holidays (Domestic – Child): IDR 210,000 / person
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & holidays (Domestic – Adult): IDR 230,000 / person
Every day (Foreign – Child): IDR 350,000 / person
Every day (Foreign – Adult): IDR 400,000 / person

Activities You Can Do at TSI

There are many activities that you can do in this tourist spot that stands on an area of ​​168 ha. There are so many, maybe 1 day won’t be enough to do everything. Do not believe it? Just look at the list below.

  1. Safari Journey

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This is the main attraction of Taman Safari Indonesia. Namely, traveling for approximately 45 minutes to the “wild” to see a collection of rare animals or animals up close.

For those who are there for the first time, don’t be surprised if suddenly a zebra, camel, or deer crosses the road or approaches our car. When the windows were opened, their heads even liked to get into the car.

Interacting with animals is allowed as long as it doesn’t disturb and create a jam. Some visitors also often provide food such as carrots or vegetables even though it is actually prohibited in the brochure.

However, never open windows in areas of wild animals such as lions or tigers. Especially to open the door and get out of the car.

Oh yes, to get around, you can use a private car. But if you don’t have one, TSI provides a free bus to get around. While on the night safari, there is a free mini-train ready to accompany you.

Baby Zoo

The animals that are released and can be seen on the Safari Journey are usually adults and ready for adventure on their own. For babies and children, you can visit the Baby Zoo arena.

Here, you can take pictures with baby lions, Sumatran tigers, orangutans, and tigers. However, you need to pay another Rp.20,000 for one photo. There are also several species of rare birds, kangaroos, lemurs, and white tigers on display.

Apart from that, you can also ride an elephant and take a walk in the forest for about 1 hour. One elephant is accompanied by a handler and can be climbed by 4 adults. There is also camel and pony riding action here.

Educational performances

Satisfied walking around seeing animals, you can watch educational performances that cost includes the ticket price.

In total, there are 9 kinds of performances that are held one to two times a day on the afternoon safari. Here is the name and schedule of the Bogor Safari Park show:

Elephant Show: Every day (11.30 & 16.30 WIB)
Dolphin Show: Every day (13.00 & 16.30 WIB)
Cowboy Show: Every day (14.00 WIB), weekend & holidays (13.30 & 15.30 WIB)
Various Animal Show: Every day (11.30 & 15.00 WIB)
Tiger Show: Every day (13.30 & 16.00 WIB)
Sea Lion Show: Every day (11.30 & 15.00 WIB)
Birds of Prey Show: Every day (14.30 – 16.00 WIB)
Safari Theater: Every day (15.30 WIB), weekends & holidays (13.30 – 15.30 WIB)
Globe of Death: Every day (14.00 – 16.30 WIB)

You can see the intelligence of animals such as elephants, dolphins, lions, and sea lions through the shows above. Its purpose is to provide information and knowledge to protect the environment in a fun way.

At the end of the show, you can capture the animal with the animals above. However, there is an additional fee of IDR 10,000 – IDR 25,000 that you have to pay.

On the night safari, two scheduled performances will be held after Journey. You can see the schedule below:

Various Animal Show: 21.00 WIB
Fire Dance: 22.10 WIB

Ride the Bogor Safari Park rides

There are more than 20 Bogor Safari Park rides that you can enjoy. Most of them are included in the ticket that there is no need to pay again. However, some need to pay additional costs.

Some of the Bogor Safari Park rides can only be ridden by children (A) or adults (D). But there are also things that the general public (U) can ride. Here is the list of Bogor Safari Park rides included in the ticket:

Flying Elephant (A)
Speed ​​Way (A)
Bath Ball (A)
Crazy Plane (A)
Flying Goose (A)
Foam Ball (A)
Samba Salon (A)
Boom Boom Car (U)
Haunted House (U)
Kite Bike (U)
BBZ (U) Mini Train
Water Boat (U)
Lolly Swing (U)
Flume Ride (U)
Pony Rodeo (U)
Bumper Boat (U)
Magic Bike (U)
Sky Race (U)
Z Force Tower (D)
Space Shuttle (D)
Meanwhile, the ticket price still does not include the following Bogor Safari Park rides:

Coin game
Jumbo Jungle Adventure
Elephant Safari Trails
Tourist train
Cable car
4D Rider


Apart from interacting with animals and riding the Taman Safari Bogor rides, you can also play water and swim. Precisely at the waterpark, which is located next to a stage for various animal performances.

This large swimming pool is equipped with various games such as the Spiral Water Slide, Lazy River, Kiddy Pool, etc. Visitors can also look around the aquarium and swim with crocodiles and linsang if they dare.

Want to take selfies? Can also. This waterpark provides a veranda with African nuances that is really cool to make a photo spot.

Safari Tracks

Want to be more satisfied exploring nature? Just take part in the Safari Trek at Taman Safari Indonesia. You will be invited to walk through tropical forests through rivers, waterfalls, to try outbound arenas such as flying fox and rope climbing.

Afraid of getting lost? Don’t worry. There must be a guide who will accompany and help you during the trip. Afraid of being tired? There are 3 km and 9 km packages that you can choose according to your physical abilities.

Safari tracks and outbound activities are also not included in the ticket. So you need to pay again if you want to pick up the package.

Air Balloons

Tired of walking and swimming, don’t You want to enjoy the view in peace, do you? There is a Hot Air Balloon that will invite you to enjoy the beauty of TSI from a height of 40 m.

This hot air balloon flown by hot air technique can carry 6 adults at a time. The flight duration is around 10 minutes, so you will be satisfied to see the scenery in various directions.

Don’t worry about safety. This balloon is controlled from below and tied with rope from 8 directions.

However, there are still some rules that users need to obey. Among other things, it is prohibited to smoke, eat, and drink on balloons. Pregnant women are also prohibited from riding to avoid things that are not desirable.

How to get to Bogor Safari Park

Like Taman Bunga Nusantara and other Puncak destinations, you can reach TSI from both Jakarta / Bogor and Bandung. You can also use private or public vehicles.

Private vehicle

From the Jakarta / Bogor direction, you can enter the Jagorawi toll road if you use a car. Exit at Gadag or Ciawi and continue the journey towards Cisarua Puncak. Arriving at Jalan Raya Puncak, turn right onto Jalan Taman Safari. Follow the road for approximately 2 km.

Meanwhile, those from Bandung can enter the Purbaleunyi Toll Road and leave Padalarang. Follow Jalan Labuan – Cianjur, go straight towards Cisarua Puncak until you meet a TSI junction with the big TSI signpost on the left, turn left.

Public transport
Taking public transportation to TSI is quite easy. From Jakarta, you can take a bus bound for Bandung via Puncak and get off at the TSI junction. From there, take public transportation for about 10 minutes before arriving.

If you take the train from Bogor Station, you move to the green angkot 02 to Sukasari and take the blue angkot to Cisarua. You can also take 03 to Baranangsiang and pass L300 to Puncak. Get off at the TSI junction, continue the journey by ojek or angkot.

Those from Bandung can take a bus bound for Jakarta via Puncak and get off at the TSI junction. Continue the journey in the same way, by taking an ojek or angkot.
Operating Hours & Entrance Ticket Prices for TSI

Two kinds of safaris can be done here, namely day and night. The afternoon safari is open from 08.30-17.00 WIB on weekdays and 08.00-17.00 WIB on weekends and holidays. Meanwhile, night safaris are open every weekend from 18.30-21.00 WIB.

The Bogor Safari Park ticket price for domestic tourists on weekdays (Monday – Friday) is IDR 170,000 (children) and IDR 195,000 (adults). Meanwhile, for holidays and weekends, the price is IDR 210,000 (children) and IDR 230,000 (adults).

It’s different for foreign tourists. The ticket is IDR 350,000 (children) and IDR 400,000 (adults). This price is valid for both weekdays and holidays and weekends. Oh yes, for domestic and foreign tourists, the adult category is aged 6 years and over.

Quite expensive, huh? But don’t worry. As stated above, the ticket above is a continuous one. So, you can also watch 9 shows and ride more than 20 Bogor Safari Park rides for free. You can also visit Panda Castle without having to buy additional tickets.

Meanwhile, the Night Safari admission price is lower than at the day. It costs, IDR 160,000 (children) and IDR 180,000 (adults). If you have bought a regular TSI ticket and want to extend it to the evening, the fee is IDR 90,000 / person.

Apart from the tourists themselves, the vehicle also needs to pay an entrance ticket. Namely IDR 10,000 (two-wheeled vehicles), IDR 20,000 (four-wheeled vehicles) and IDR 30,000 (buses).

Travel Tips at Taman Safari Indonesia

To expedite your travels in Taman Safari Indonesia, you can follow these tips:

Taman Safari Indonesia is still in the Puncak area that is famous for traffic jams during the holiday season. It’s a good idea to leave early in the morning or the day before if you want to go there.
If you stay at a hotel around TSI, don’t forget to ask if there are vouchers that you can use. Sometimes there are hotels that provide vouchers, either free or not.
Bogor City and Regency have high rainfall. Instead of getting soaked in the rain, it’s better to have an umbrella ready before leaving.
When traveling with children, supervise them closely, especially when in animal areas. Don’t let them get their body parts out of the car.
Bring lunch from home because of the price of food and drinks there can be more expensive.
Understanding the Bogor Safari Park show schedule before leaving so you can plan which ones you will watch and which will not.
You have to take which Bogor Safari Park rides you want to ride. So that when you get there, you won’t be confused anymore and run out of time to choose. Just a little delay, the queue can get longer, especially during the holiday season.
Read up on travel guides in Bogor in the order you know what to prepare during the trip.
Always follow the rules provided by the TSI.