History of the Srivijaya Kingdom Ship Relief

History of the Srivijaya Kingdom Ship ReliefMichelskeywest, The Srivijaya Kingdom is well known for its maritime power in Indonesia and is the largest maritime empire in Southeast Asia.

Although the location of the center of this kingdom is not yet known, many believe that the Srivijaya Kingdom is centered in Palembang City, South of Sumatra.

This was expressed by the founder and chairman of the Tandipulau Cultural Foundation Erwan Suryanegara, who is also a cultural activist in South Sumatra.

According to him, because the Srivijaya Kingdom was maritime so strong, the sea route became the main transportation access at that time.

Although traces of the triumph of the Srivijaya Kingdom are found in the archipelago, some things are not widely known to the public, namely the Srivijaya Ship that was used during the Srivijaya Kingdom era.

The shape of the Srivijaya Ship itself is sculpted in the reliefs of Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central of Java.

In one of the reliefs of Borobudur Temple, there is a large size sculpted shape of the Srivijaya Ship depicting sailing. However, he estimates, in other reliefs, the ship of the maritime empire is also sculpted.

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The Srivijaya ship during the Srivijaya Kingdom itself was shaped like a pinishi ship, with sailing masts and not using machines.

He explained that the Borobudur Temple was actually built during the Srivijaya Kingdom. However, because it is on the island of Java, many recognize that Borobudur Temple is a legacy of the kingdom on the island of Java.

The tradition of the Srivijaya Kingdom

The Srivijaya Kingdom itself, continued Erwan, is a large country that has ruled for 7 centuries in the archipelago. The territory under his control extends to various countries in Asia, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, and Cambodia.

“Borobudur Temple, located on the island of Java, was included in the territory of the Srivijaya Kingdom at that time.” He told me again.

Apart from the Srivijaya Ship, the legacy of the Srivijaya Kingdom is the tradition of the house on stilts and the Malay language.

In fact, according to him, the Indonesian language used today is a derivative language from ancient Malay, which is in the inscriptions of the Srivijaya Kingdom.

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Srivijaya Ship Icon

The reason for initiating the Srivijaya Ship to become an icon of South Sumatra is because South Sumatra has been called the Earth of Srivijaya and can introduce the true history of the Srivijaya Kingdom.

He hopes that the 3D animation of the Srivijaya Ship will be implemented in the form of a typical monument of South Sumatra.

History of the Srivijaya Kingdom Ship Relief – He quoted for the last time, “The regional government should approve it. The Srivijaya Ship monument can be built at the entrance or in strategic places. Like at the Fountain Roundabout (BAM), do not be like that, more build (built) a large Srivijaya Ship,”

This former lecturer in fine arts at one of the private universities (PTS) in Palembang has also introduced his research in various discussions and on social media, facebook.

He admitted that the current results of his researches many of them have not been communicated to the local government. But he continues to struggle to educate the people South of Sumatra. It is about one of the legacies of the Srivijaya Kingdom.