Facts on Nias Island, the Beautiful Island in Indonesia

Facts on Nias Island, the Beautiful Island in Indonesia, Michaelskeywest.com – Since the earthquake in Nias in 2006, Nias Island began to get attention from the central government. Infrastructure began to be repaired again, roads that had been long damaged are now smooth with asphalt. Nias was also made into five districts to ensure that development proceeded smoothly.

If we discuss the island of Nias, the fact is that there are many beautiful beaches. However, not only are the beaches beautiful, here are some activities you can do if you want to visit Nias Island:

Relax on Sorake Beach while enjoying the fresh young coconut that has just been picked from the tree

Facts on Nias Island – This beach is located in South Nias, located in Teluk Dalam. It is about three hours drive from Gunungsitoli if there is no traffic jam, the capital of Nias Island. However, if you head straight to South Nias once you arrive at Binaka Airport, the distance will be faster than before, which is about two hours away.

This beach is quite popular among tourists. He is famous among surfers because he has high waves. The waves on this beach can reach a height of five meters. Do not be surprised you will meet many foreign tourists who are having fun “playing” the waves.

If you are not interested in the waves, feel free to relax by the beach. Enjoying the white sand, the gentle breeze, and a glass of fresh young coconut ice picked directly from the trees around the coast.

Watching the Hombo Batu attraction in Bawamataluo Village

Bawamataluo is a traditional village located in South Nias. Bawamataluo means the Village of the Rising Sun. So-called because this village location is at an altitude of 324 meters above sea level. You must be able to climb 88 stairs before reaching this village. It is tiring, but once you reach the village, beautiful scenery will welcome you. From up here, you can see an extraordinary view of South Nias.

Bawamataluo Village is very famous for its jumping attractions that the natives called Hombo Batu. At the stone jumping attraction, jumpers will jump over neatly arranged stones with a height of 2 meters. You can watch this attraction by paying the jumpers IDR 100,000 for each jump.

Take pictures at Gawu Soyo Beach, which is the only beach in Sumatra that has pink water

This beach is located in Ombolata Village, North Nias. The uniqueness of this beach is the sand that has a striking red or pink color. It is so rare, isn’t there a beach with pink sand? The most surprising is you will find a beatiful pink beach called Gawu Soyo. According to legend, the beach on this sand is red because there was a young man named Laowomaru who killed a giant dragon on this beach. The blood from the dragon made the beach red as it is now.

Swimming and diving to see the senses of the coral reefs at Tureloto Beach

This beach is located in Lahewa District, North Nias Regency. This beach is one of the beaches that was hit by the tsunami several years ago, as a result of the earthquake that hit Aceh. However, this incident did not make the beauty of this beach fade. Various types of coral reefs will greet you when you arrive at this beach. The clear seawater and the white sand will spoil your eyes. This beach is perfect for those of you who like snorkeling. It’s just that, being surrounded by corals, you have to be careful.

Improve your fishing skills in the Hinako Islands

Bawa Island, Hinako Island, Imana Island, Asu Island, Bogi Island, Langu Island, Heruanga Island, and Hamutula Island are the names of the islands in the Hinako Archipelago. This archipelago is located across from Nias Island, to be precise at West Nias Regency. You can arrive at these islands by boarding boats that you can rent around the docks on Sirombu Beach.

Facts on Nias Island – The islands in this place are famous for their powerful waves, so they are always a destination for foreign tourists who like to surf.

Fishing is also an activity that you shouldn’t forget when you are in this place. Big fish will test your fishing skills.

Not all islands in the Hinako archipelago are inhabited. Only a few of them. Because not many human hands have touched it, this is what makes its natural charm so Facts on Nias Island amazing.