Origin Legend Story Of The Lake Toba Kingdom

Origin Legend Story Of The Lake Toba Kingdom – Located in North Sumatra Province, Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Everyone can see a volcanic island called Samosir Island in the middle of the lake.

Michaelskeywest, If you look at the center of this island, it is enough to invite curiosity and attention, especially about the life and culture of the people who live in it. It is said that inside there is a village that in ancient times dared to eat human flesh.

Location and Area of ​​Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a large natural lake in Indonesia located in the caldera of Mount Supervulkan. This lake is 100 kilometers long, 30 kilometers wide, and 505 meters deep. This lake is located in the center of the northern Sumatera Island with a surface height of about 900 meters.

Area: 1,130 km²
Province: North Sumatra
Max depth: 505.0 m (1656.8 ft)
Type of water body: Volcanic/tectonic

The History of Lake Toba

Like most natural tourist attractions in Indonesia. Apart from having a scientific history, Lake Toba also keeps folk tales that are believed to be the origin of the formation of this lake.

According to popular folklore, Lake Toba is formed from the story of the fish stealth family. In ancient times, there was a young man who was fishing in the river who then managed to get a fish. Unlike other fish, the fish he caught could talk and begged not to be cooked. The fish then turned into a very beautiful woman named Toba.

Long story short, the two of them got married, but there was one request from Toba that the young man should not violate. Nobody should know about the real beautiful woman he married. Their marriage went well until they had a son named Samosir who was stunned and always felt hungry.

One day, Samosir was assigned to send food to his father in the fields, but on the way, he had eaten the food he had brought.

The father felt tremendous hunger and decided to go home, on his way home he saw Samosir enjoying the food that he should have given to his father. Because he was very angry, he accidentally pointed at Samosir and said that he was a fish fry.

Immediately the sky darkened and it rained so hard. The water came out from the underground which made the village submerged in water. Toba and Samosir suddenly disappeared when the village turned into a sea of ​​water. It was then that Lake Toba and Samosir Island were formed, which are believed by native inhabitants of the region around Lake Toba as the embodiment of the stealth of fish and their children.

Legend of the Cannibals

This village is called Huta Siallagan, an ancient Batak kingdom located in Amabarita Village, Simandino District, North Sumatra. When we enter this area, we will see a number of traditional Batak buildings.

Currently the village has the buildings only. According to legend, the elders and kings of this village did eat human flesh from time to time. But make no mistake, they will only eat criminals, rapists, or enemies. After a criminal or enemy is caught, they will be presented at trial and receive punishment, including the punishment of beheadings or the punishment of being eaten.

Furthermore, when the sentence has been determined, the defendant will be taken to the location of execution where the defendant will receive the sentence. If eaten, before eating he will receive punishment. First he will be tortured by beating his head until he is skinned.

However, if the defendant is not injured or bleeds, it means that he is invulnerable, then he will be given a drop of pasa lime and then cut off the skin.

Based on Kompas.Id investigation in the location, this was also confirmed by a source named Kristian “The perpetrator will be cut into pieces and given a splash of lime juice, then taken to the place of execution”

Legend Story Of The Lake Toba – Some parts of his body such as internal organs, heart, liver, and others will be placed on a table and eaten together.

Lake Toba Cultural Festival

The Lake Toba Festival is an annual routine event held between August – September as a result of the collaboration between the North Sumatra local government and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

In this festival, various kinds of cultural arts performances and competitions for the community are held, from cultural arts performances and competitions for the community, from dance performances to ornamental boat competitions. You will also find a variety of delicious culinary delights and hunt for beautiful Ulos fabrics during the event.

If you want to watch the annual festival at this tourist spot, you should book plane tickets and hotel rooms in advance.

Transportation to Lake Toba

Legend Story Of The Lake Toba – The closest location to Lake Toba which can be accessed by vehicle is Parapat City. The trip to Parapat from Medan City takes about 6 hours. Towards Samosir Island, you can cross by ferry from Ajibata Port to TUktuk Port, Samosir.